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I like analyzing things; analyzing events, processes, people, buildings…or my mood, if the other things aren’t available. I also like to think I’m pretty perceptive of all of them, and that I generally have a good idea of how and why things are . However, sometimes something will happen that reminds me of how much… Read More Complexity

Casual, Outfit of the Day

Starting small

I don’t wear pink. I’ve had a problem with pink my whole life, not because I don’t like the colour, it’s never done anything to offend me; it’s just a colour that other people wear, not me. I think we all have things that are reserved for other people, things we don’t wear or don’t… Read More Starting small

Casual, Outfit of the Day

Inventing yourself

    It is obvious that you should know who you are, you’ve lived with yourself your entire life. If you aren’t sure, however, there aren’t many people who can tell you; nor should they. This leaves many of us searching for an answer to one of life’s greatest questions “Who am I?”