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How do you see yourself?

We all know that fashion is a way of expressing oneself, it can be useful in giving people a few clues to your personality and interests. Whether it’s intentional or not, everything we wear is easily associated with an image, a concept, or even a social status. While this is very interesting as a means… Read More How do you see yourself?

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Defense mechanisms

This was the first really gloomy day of autumn. It was also the kind of day when you don’t feel like dressing up or going out, or getting out of bed for that matter. I used to dread these days, partly because they actually suck but mostly because I also feel bad for feeling bad.… Read More Defense mechanisms

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Contrast is one of my favorite tools to use whenever I’m designing something. It’s so embedded into our minds, we see it everywhere and we hardly ever notice it’s there anymore. There can be contrast of light and darkness, of colors, contrast of pattern or styles, or even contrast of beliefs. In a world that’s… Read More Contrast

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I like analyzing things; analyzing events, processes, people, buildings…or my mood, if the other things aren’t available. I also like to think I’m pretty perceptive of all of them, and that I generally have a good idea of how and why things are . However, sometimes something will happen that reminds me of how much… Read More Complexity