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I like analyzing things; analyzing events, processes, people, buildings…or my mood, if the other things aren’t available. I also like to think I’m pretty perceptive of all of them, and that I generally have a good idea of how and why things are . However, sometimes something will happen that reminds me of how much I had no idea. I like to analyze that too.

The most baffling to me is when something happens that makes me not understand myself; ‘why am I feeling like this?’ ‘isn’t this what I wanted?’ ‘why do I want to watch Grey’s anatomy all day?’ are the types of questions that make me wonder what on earth I’d been analyzing all along, cause I’ve clearly missed a few points.

The truth is that we analyze so we can be prepared. However, the world becomes too complex sometimes, even our interior world can become so complex that we can’t find our place inside it anymore. You can’t be prepared, you can’t always see it coming because in all rightfulness you were too busy dealing with something else.

What I’m trying to learn now is how to admit to myself where my analysis was wrong or what it lacked, and to learn that it’s OK either way. Sometimes it’s useful to scrap all those careful analyses and try going the other way. Sometimes, the less you pretend to know about yourself, the more you can actually learn.

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On the outfit:

Shirt – Koton

Trousers – Stradivarius

Sneakers – Nike

Clutch – Bik Bok

Earrings – I am

Watch – Pierre Cardin