Details, Outfit of the Day


Contrast is one of my favorite tools to use whenever I’m designing something. It’s so embedded into our minds, we see it everywhere and we hardly ever notice it’s there anymore. There can be contrast of light and darkness, of colors, contrast of pattern or styles, or even contrast of beliefs.

In a world that’s increasingly obsessed with order and categorizing everything it amazes me how you can still put two radically different things side by side and create something beautiful. A striped black-and-white T-shirt, flowers, and pom-pom stilettos all belong to different stories but together they can form an unsuspected narrative that somehow works.

I think the beauty of contrast lies in the fact that each part highlights the other, and you can choose to see the beauty of the parts but the whole will always be richer.

My favorite example of contrast at work is the image of a flashy Lamborghini parked in front of a historic brick house on a narrow cobble-stone street. You could say that the Lamborghini takes away from the charm of the old house; or you could appreciate the two different but equally amazing types of artistry and craftsmanship that went into the creation of both. The existence of one at the same time as the other is proof of the complexity and beauty of this world.

On the outfit:

T-shirt – H&M

Dress worn as skirt – ASOS

Heels – Alsace

Bag – Bershka