Everyday, Outfit of the Day

How do you see yourself?

We all know that fashion is a way of expressing oneself, it can be useful in giving people a few clues to your personality and interests. Whether it’s intentional or not, everything we wear is easily associated with an image, a concept, or even a social status. While this is very interesting as a means of communicating with others, you could easily write it off as just first impressions, something that loses importance once you get to the ‘real’ communication, the talking and sharing of ideas.

What is more interesting to me is how you can use fashion to get to know yourself better. Whenever I see something I like it makes me curious to understand why I like it, what it tells me or what I associate it with. 

When I put together an outfit it sometimes surprises me to see how different it makes me look to what I had expected. Many times I have an outfit in mind that I think I’d love but it turns out it doesn’t fit me.

I think what it comes down to is that fashion can be a conversation you have with yourself. It can be about how you see yourself and also a clue to how you’d like to see yourself.


On the outfit:

Boots – Zara here

Trousers – Zara here

Top – Zara

Jacket – thrifted

Bag – locally made

Earrings – I am


Photos: Octav Boban

Photo edit: Denni de Rotte